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Mini Samurai Classes Explained

Jujutsu isn’t just for men and women. At Colosseum Martial Arts, we also offer classes for children who want to practice this martial art, learn about its basic principles, and enjoy the wealth of benefits it provides –and its called the Mini Samurai Kids and Samurai Kids Classes. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of these classes, who it’s for and what skills students will be able to learn.

The Basics of the Classes

The practice of jujutsu teaches students to defend themselves against opponents who may be bigger and stronger than them. Thus, the class and gradings have been specifically tailored for children. The basics belts for children under 12 use the “Mon”grading system, the grading sheets can be downloaded from the web page (http://www.thecolosseum.com.au/jujutsu/our-classes/grading-sheets/ )
1st Mon – Yellow & White

2nd Mon – Blue & White

3rd Mon – Green & White

4th Mon – Orange & White

5th Mon Purple & White

Depending on the specific age, abilities and dedication of the students in the mini Samurai Kids class, the first Mon belt received may be 1st, 2nd or 3rd Mon (Yellow & White, Blue & White or Green & White).

Once the children have progressed through to 5th Mon (Purple & White Belt), they will transition to the “Kyu”grading system and the first Kyu grade usually attempted is 8th Kyu (Red & White Belt). For the dedicated children students who have completed all the Mon grades there is a Samurai Kids Class for children between the ages of 10-13 who are Kyu graded (Red & White Belt minimum).

All new students over 12 (typically) will commence with the “Kyu”grading system, which have 3 belts focussed on basic skills, the grading sheets can be downloaded from the web page (http://www.thecolosseum.com.au/jujutsu/our-classes/grading-sheets/)

9th Kyu – Brown & White

8th Kyu – Red & White

7th Kyu – Red

Depending on children’s development and size from the age of 12 or 13 the kids start to join the adult classes.

What Students will Learn from the Classes

The Mini Samurai Classes have been designed to teach children the following:

1. Coordination
2. Confidence
3. Self-discipline
4. Focus

Since the classes are geared towards children, we have made every effort to make it as fun as possible. In addition, there are also short-term skill objectives that the students can achieve. Once they have achieved each of these skills, we reward them with a badge that they can wear on their uniform.

The classes will be taught by some of our top instructors: Sensei Dan Newcombe, a 4th dan black belt, who has been teaching Tsutsumi Jujutsu since 1996 and continues to train under Master Hans De Jong; Sensei Andre Diaz, a 1st Dan black belt, who has trained under Master Hans De Jong since 1985; and Senior Student Anil Bhudia, a 4th Kyu in Tsutsumi Jujutsu, and has trained under Sensei Dan since 2012.

About Hans De Jong Tsutsumi Jujutsu

Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu Jujutsu is the form of martial arts that is predominantly taught at The Colosseum Martial Arts. This is a form of Japanese jujutsu that emphasises leverage rather than strength, helping smaller individuals defend themselves against larger and more powerful opponents. As students progress in their practice of this martial art, they will learn skills that include break falls that teach them how to fall correctly and avoid injury, unbalancing principles, and strategies for dealing with multiple attackers.

The Hans De Jong Self Defence School teaches the traditional form of Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu. Master Hans De Jong teaches this art, which is centred around the principles of Zen and self control. His father Jan De Jong opened his first school in Perth in 1952, which has since then gained a reputation locally and internationally for being one of the most comprehensive Jujutsu systems in the world.

For more information on our Mini Samurai Program or our other programs, please send us an enquiry today.