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Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu International (THRI)

THRI is a grading system framework for preservation of the original jujutsu system, techniques, method of instruction and standard of Jan de Jong and Hans de Jong and the martial art system of Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu Jujutsu between Self Defence Central Dojo (SDCD) and Tadashii-do, Netherlands and any other affiliated clubs or Instructors.

THRI provides official international recognition of jujutsuka who have reached DAN grade level proficiency in Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu based jujutsu systems by providing a grading system framework including bridging course options to enable practitioners to undertake recognised DAN grades.

The formal THRI grading system and framework is published in a handbook, all grading sheets and requirements are included. The THRI grading system retains all of the historical design elements in addition to the unique defining features of THR Jujutsu including; reflex training (shinken shobu no kata), strong emphasis on mastery and continual application of the basics, gradual increase in attack type and defence variations, gradual increase in changing technique options and applications, emphasis on technical proficiency and practical self defence skills through continual revision and incremental improvement assessment.

Pre-Dan Level Bridging Course THRI

If jujutsuka have been training elements of THR jujutsu or other equivalent styles of jujutsu but not at the THRI DAN level standard a pre-DAN bridging course is required to be undertaken. This is intended to ensure the THRI brand is not compromised, yet acknowledge that applicants are likely to be DAN grades or senior KYU grades in their own system. Once completed, the jujutsuka will receive a certificate of achievement (not grading/rank certificate) denoting that they have completed the bridging course and will then be eligible to begin assessment towards achieving DAN grades as per the standard THRI syllabus.

The bridging course will be assessed by an approved DAN grade and will consist of five components;

  • Revision grading presented in demonstration format, including a defined number of techniques from the THRI KYU grading syllabus.

  • THRI 1st KYU Shinken Shobu No Kata performed demonstration style

  • Theory – 10 multiple choice questions

  • History – 5 verbal questions

  • Terminology – 5 verbal questions

The content of the DAN gradings required to be undertaken is available in the THRI Grading System Handbook.

THRI Assessment Request Application

Jujutsuka wishing to progress a DAN grade assessment, please complete the online application form from the THRI ASSESSMENT menu, please allow up to 14 days for an initial response.

THRI Yudansha Register

Name   THRI Jujutsu


THRI Kobudo THRI Trainer Level 1 Certificate THRI Trainer Level 2 Certificate THRI Professional Instructor Certificate Other Grades
Dan Newcombe Principal of Self Defence Central Dojo Perth

Principal THRI



1st DAN Karate Jutsu


Andre Diaz 2nd DAN NO YES YES NO
Wim Mallens Principal of Tadashi-do Karate and Jujutsu School Netherlands

Self Defence Central Dojo Karate Principal

1st DAN NO YES YES NO 5th DAN Karate Jutsu



Anil Bhudia Shodan-Ho NO YES NO NO 1st DAN Karate Jutsu
Warren Bethell Shodan-Ho NO NO NO NO
Amber Weggers 1st DAN NO YES NO NO 3rd DAN Karate Jutsu
Elisabeth Gardien 1st DAN NO YES NO NO 1st DAN Karate Jutsu
Brian Frowijn 1st DAN NO NO NO NO 2nd DAN Karate Jutsu