About Jujutsu & Karate Focused Group Classes

A balance stone in a zen water

Self Defence Central Dojo is a specialist self defence studio which teaches focussed group sessions in a leading edge class format designed to promotion maximum learning with focused instruction at the appropriate level for the students progress. Teaching a traditional martial art in a modern commercial setting has its challenges and the industry has seen many compromises in the quality of instruction, instructor to student ratio and the speed at which students have been progressing to the black level (dan grades). At Self Defence Central Dojo we are proud to continue the traditional training methods, effective group class sizes and the methods of instruction where Instructors know everyone’s name and work closely with each student personally to develop both internal and external skills required to seek mind, body balance for complete self defence training.

The teaching model, effective since November 2018 has been providing more focussed and effective instruction of Jujutsu (Tsutsumi – deJong Jujutsu) and the complimentary Karate self defence syllabus. In our style and with this legacy (taught in Perth since 1952), we pride ourselves on the quality of student instruction and the high standard of Instructor training required before undertaking teaching activities. Part of effective instruction is being able to target complicated detail at the correct level to students (both children and adults) of varying levels of progress. To this end we are always reviewing the effectiveness of the classes and whether all students are getting enough attention and focus on relevant areas.

Part of this assessment has started to align our instruction with the latest teaching methodology recommendations and market trends in the industry. Latest recommendations are suggesting that to impart complicated material to students the maximum number of a group class size should be between  8 – 12 people for optimum use of everyones time and attention.

The responsibility remains with the students to book into the group training sessions each week which will provide the best value for their continued growth and progress. Instructors will take the 45min personal group sessions on a pre-determined program (similar to a class timetable), however each personal group session will only permit a minimum of 2 and maximum of 12 students. This will allow focused instruction at the relevant technical detail and requires students to be more pro-active in planning their training activities.

The following targeted sessions will be provided according to the live class timetable on this website, https://selfdefencecentral.com.au/timetable/

  • Kids Jujutsu & Karate (Ages 5-13)
  • Beginner Jujutsu (Ages 13+ up to 5th Kyu, Blue Belt )
  • Intermediate Jujutsu (Ages 13+ from 4th Kyu, Green Belt)
  • Karate Self Defence (All Adult Belts)
  • Advanced Jujutsu (Ages 13+ from 3rd Kyu, Orange Belt)
What to expect at your first class

You will most likely be training with people of various fitness and skill levels but can be sure that you will be guided by both the instructors and more experienced students in small groups of 8-12 students. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and there is no need to wear shoes as we train bare foot on the matted area, please also remove any jewellery which may get caught or broken during training. The emphasis is different in each class and you may find yourself working on body movements, striking , locking techniques, throws, grappling or focussing on the next grading but the principles of unbalancing, leverage and footwork will always be present.

If you are interested in joining our specialist club, please contact us here: https://selfdefencecentral.com.au/contacts/